Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wendy DeWitt -- Food Storage Seminar

It's Finally Here for your enjoyment.... (Thanks honey for all the hours you spent making this happen for all to see, I Love You!)

Many thanks to Sister Wendy DeWitt for sharing her talents with us.

(Jane, this is for you ;o)

Part 1 -- Top Ten Reasons

Part 2 -- The System

Part 3 --Worst Case Scenario

Part 4 -- Equivalency Page

Part 5 -- Where to store it all

Part 6 -- Pressure Canning Meat

Part 7 -- Solar Oven Cooking

Part 8 -- Food Saver

Part 9 -- Q & A

For more detailed info and the recipes that are referred to in the video, Please see Sis. DeWitt's Blog by cliking HERE.