Sunday, August 31, 2008

Emergency! Do you know where your children are?

School is back in session, do your kids know what to do in an emergency if it happened during the school day?

● Do you know your schools emergency plans? Each school has a plan and you should know what it is.

● What happens in the event of an emergency, at what point will your kids be released to you?

● Do you have a plan for picking up your children, what will you do with your little ones in the chaos of a mass pick-up. You might want to make plans with a friend or neighbor to watch your little ones while you pick up your and your friends children. In this case, make sure that the school knows ahead of time that you are authorized to pick them up.

● Do your children know where to meet you when they are released?

● Do they have an emergency kit in their desk, backpack or locker?
A kit would contain things like:
• Compact emergency blanket
• Small Flashlight
• Food/Water
• small first-aid kit/essential medication
• Identification card
• Contact information, emergency plan/ Family photo
• A small game or book
A note of encouragement, to them from you, would be nice for some reassurance that you’ll reunite with them as soon as possible.

Talk to your children about this situation before it happens so they have input about what items they'd like in their kit. If they are prepared for disasters, wherever they are, they'll be much better able to cope with whatever comes their way, and also, they'll be able to help others who aren't so ready.