Saturday, October 11, 2008

It seems winter is upon us, at least for a little while.

Your assignment for this weekend is to prepare yourselves to be stuck in the car, in the cold, with all your kids for several hours. Now, I hope that this never happens to anyone but, reality is, that it does. Do you remember the story that Elder Cook shared during his conference talk?,5232,49-1-947-32,00.html I want you to add blankets, extra coats, warm clothing, food and water, diapers, a light/heat source etc. Walmart has their school back packs for about $3, this would be a great thing to put this kind of stuff in. You might also want an extra pair of walking shoes if you wear dress shoes typically.

A quick trip to DI or Savers can provide most of the stuff for this assignment.

Stay warm and safe!