Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Spirit of CHRISTmas

Wow, It's been a long time since I posted to my blog. Much of my recent preparedness activities have focused on local things that depend on proximity. Sorry if you've missed me.

For this post I am offering a wonderful way to:

~Serve your Lord by serving your Fellowman Mosiah 2:17
~Lighten your Holiday load
~Share love with your friends and neighbors

I discovered this Wonderful Idea at one of the blogs I follow. Credit goes to I did make a change or two to suit my whim ;) (check out this blog, she has a wealth of info)

We all love Friends and Neighbor gifts but this year I propose an expansion of our friend circle to include some of the less fortunate of our Brothers and Sisters.

Instead of plates of cookies that add inches to my hips, I've decided to do what I can to feed the poor. I'll be distributing the poem below to all my friends and neighbors this year for Christmas.

Dear Friends and Neighbors

At Christmas time we like to give
to friends and neighbors dear,
but maybe we could think of those
less fortunate this year.

Instead of giving neighbor gifts
we'll fill the Food Bank's shelves. ...
Let's warm the hearts of those in need
just like Christ would do himself.

As friends we'll join together
and bring food in cans galore,
non-perishables are very best
because of how they store.

Monday Night, December ____
will be the time we meet,
from 6 - 7:30
it's cocoa, donuts & heat.

is where we're going to be.
Dress up warm, we'll be outside
and bring the family.

But if you cannot make it -
no big deal, you see,
we'll still be glad to take your food
to the Food Bank charity!

Just drop it off on __________'s porch
or _____________'s will do,
up to a week beyond the date -
Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

I hope you all have a Wonderful, Christ-filled Christmas!