Saturday, June 14, 2008

Got Water?

With clean water being so vital to our existence, I’d like to know who in our family is still lacking adequate water storage for your family (this information is strictly confidential and will only be used to help you get prepared)….

It is recommended that you have 14 gallons MINIMUM for each member of your family. SO here’s the question??

Do you have the minimum recommended amounts of drinkable water? Remember that this is not for cooking, washing clothes, showering, cleaning or flushing toilets, just drinking and very minimal hygiene like hand washing and teeth brushing.

  • For a couple you’d need 28 gallons
  • Family of 4 = 56 gallons (think 55 gallon barrel)
  • Family of 5 = 70 gallons
  • Family of 6 = 84 gallons
  • Family of 7 = 98 gallons
  • Family of 8 = 112 gallons
  • Family of 9 = 126 gallons
  • Family of 10 = 140 Gallons (you might find grown children coming back to roost in an emergency ;o)

Please inventory your water supply and let me know if you aren’t yet to your minimum levels. I can give you some simple ideas for storing water. Also, I’d be willing to do another water barrel order for those of you who don’t have one yet. The used barrels are $15. Also consider a water filter so that when your store of water run out (and at these levels, they will) you have a way to filter water for drinking.

If you have your minimum storage levels at your home, don’t stop there, please add to them. Skip the soda and buy cases of bottled water. Grab a case of bottled water each time you go to the grocery store and just start making a pile in your home. If you must have soda, at least save the bottles, clean them out and fill with water for storage.

Please let me know your progress in this area.

Keep plugging along, we're getting there.