Sunday, June 8, 2008


Welcome to Let Us Prepare! With so much information to share, and so many mail servers blocking email that is "thought" to be "spam," I'm putting this blog together to ensure that the information gets to the people who want or need it!

Though a lot of the things I post will be specific to my Ward and calling as Ward Emergency Preparedness Guru - the preparedness information is for everyone. Please feel free to forward this blog address, subscribe, and come back often!

Also, if you find this site and you have one of your own, let me know that as well - I'll put a link up so that others can find your preparedness information.

Let Us Prepare!

P.S. Over time, I'll back up and post information that I previously sent out via email. That way everything will be located in one place. (It's always good to have a reminder, isn't it?)